SOFT CLEAR Builder Gel 18 ml


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Gel for building TNL Ultra soft in its composition differs from similar products. The gel has a special molecular structure, which improves the quality of the material and facilitates the work of the craftsmen. The crystal lattice of the gels was created in such a way that it allowed to improve the adhesion of the gel to the natural nail. Self-leveling perfect gloss does not require sealing.
The complete absence of burning sensation allows to make the procedure of nail extension painless and pleasant not only for the client, but also for the master.
The practical absence of dust when filing the material allows you to protect the master and the client from allergic reactions, irritation of the eyes and the respiratory system.

Application technology:
• Prepare the nail plate;
• Select the size of tips or shapes, depending on how the extension will be carried out;
• Apply the gel to the tips or mold and model the free edge;
• Dry in the lamp;
• Remove the mold and perform the gel modeling.



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