Iron Top Gel Polish With Medium Thickness TNL 50 ml BIG CONTAINER


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The TNL Iron Top gel polish fixer is intended for use as a top coat during manicure procedures.


The special composition of the product provides nails with a long-lasting coating that lasts up to 4 weeks without any chips or cracks. The innovative formula gives the material a flexible structure and allows it to recover freely from minor external damage.


The TNL Iron Top fixer guarantees your nails a great gloss and a perfectly flat surface.

Super resistant and strong fixer, has a flexible structure and recovers from external damage.

  • No sticky layer.
  • Self-leveling.
  • Consistency: medium-thick.
  • Plastic is less prone to various damage (abrasions, scratches, etc.).
  • Polymerization time in UV-2 min. In LED and CCFL lamps 30-60 sec.

Composition: hydroxyethyl methacrylate, trimethylolpropane, tritoxy triacrylate, urethane acrylate.


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