CLASSIC CLEAR Builder Gel 18 ml

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Classic clear gel for nail modeling. It is applied after treating the nail plate with a primer. Ideal for aquarium design. It is also used when working on tips and forms. The polymerization time in a UV lamp is 2 minutes.

Application technology:
• Prepare the nail plate;
• Select the size of tips or shapes, depending on how the extension will be carried out;
• Apply the gel to the tips or mold and model the free edge;
• Cure in the lamp;
• Remove the sticky layer and shape the nail if it is needed.


1 review for CLASSIC CLEAR Builder Gel 18 ml

  1. hmmm11785

    Loving the sculpting mix gel. I always get lifting with acrylic and other gels but this one hasn’t lifted at all. Definitely will be buying another pot soon. 😊

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