#303 NEW! STARLIGHT NIGHT 8 Senses Gel Polish by TNL 10 ml

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New TNL gel polish “8 senses” is love at the first touch. 8 color solutions of the bottle in gentle powdery dusting “soft-touch” of pastel shades attracts everyone’s eyes, and once touched it will never let you go.
The improved formula with a modified and renewed concentration of ingredients will allow you to wear the coating without chipping, scratching or peeling four weeks. And the unique tones composition will sound differently for everyone and will forever remain an association with beauty – you will want to return to TNL gel polish “8 senses” again and again.
With 350 shades, you will find more than just color. TNL “8 senses” are real trends that can be combined to your liking. Dense and bright, bold and sustained – together they begin to sound differently, adjusting completely to your image.

Your perfect manicure has already been created, and you just looked and touched the new TNL can of “8 senses”.


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