#12 Classic Pink With Shimmer – Acry Gel Illusion TNL 18 ml


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Acrigel or polygel appeared in the nail-sphere in 2017 and many masters fell in love with this material for its unique properties. Let’s figure out what an acrylic gel is.
Acryl-gel, acrygel, polygel – different brands have their own names, but the result is the same, this product combines the best qualities of gel and acrylic.

Akrigel – how to work with it?
make a manicure in the usual way
degrease the surface of the nail
apply a primer
apply a base coat
glue the form and use a scraper or pusher to lay out a drop of acrylic gel
using a brush dipped in degreaser to form the architecture of the nail plate
periodically wet the brush in a degreaser
cure in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in an LED lamp for 30 or 60 seconds (depending on the power of the device).
we produce sawdust. When filing acrylic gel, much less dust is left than when using other materials.
What are the advantages of acrigel?
Acrygel does not require the use of a monomer, unlike acrylic, it polymerizes in a UV, LED, CCFL lamp, does not cause a burning sensation and does not spread. Therefore, nail extension with acrigel can be performed in record time, which will delight both you and the client.


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