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Valentino Red - Premium Very Pigmented Gel Paint 10 ml

Valentino Red - Premium Very Pigmented Gel Paint 10 ml
Valentino Red - Premium Very Pigmented Gel Paint 10 ml
Valentino Red - Premium Very Pigmented Gel Paint 10 ml
Gel Polish
10 ml
This EXCLUSIVE Gel Is Produced By Alexander Stepanov. This shade is very elegant and looks natural. Alexander Stepanov has collected the most popular shades that are now in trend. Every tone is mixed under the direction of Alexander Stepanov. This is the same product as Gel Polish and can be applied using soft synthetic brush. And also can be used for thin lines. This shade is very pigmented. It’s needed only on layer to achieve the pure coat. Raw products have all EAC Certificates. Non allergic product TNL is The Most Popular Russian Brand Of Nail Products. Numbers Of Sells Are More 10000000 items Of Gel Polishes Per Month. The Highest Quality Of Products In The World! Read this before choosing gel paint or gel polish. What product volume is actually present? How much product will stay into the bottom inside the bottle after usage of this product? Ask yourself when going to buy expensive gel polish in glass bottle. The fact that glass bottles with gel polish are loaded on the half to protect from leaking! That means that they have less product that marked on the sticker. Sometimes some manufactures mark amount of actual product even much than actual volume of bottle. It’s nonsense but there is no way to check. Regular gel polish brush does not work with product that stays into the bottom inside the bottle. So you throw out you money. As a result you use only half of product that were marked on the sticker. We pack our products into the PET containers AND POUR THE PRODUCT TO THE TOP, So you have product even much than 10 ml. About 13-15 ml in each container. Our containers do not have brushes but you may use special brush for gel and it’s easy to use it with the large hole of container, so this way it’s easy to use all product to the end taking it out from the bottom last drops of product. Also ordering gel paint in the container you have no such problems as: - Sticking out hairs of brushes. - Breaking of glass bottles while shipping - High shipping taxes because of heavy weight of glass bottles What is the difference between gel polish and our gel paint. No differences at all. We mark it as gel paint because our containers do not have brushes and we do not are not going to misleading our costumers. Just try our gel paint and you will see that this is very smart choice!